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Littel Adam’s Peak-Sri Lanka

Journey Duration:3 Hours(approx including time to take photos)
Distance: 5km (approx.)
Entrance Fee: Not applicable( Free of charge)

Ella Rock is situated about 2-3 KMs away from Ella City. This is also called small Adam’s Peak,Punchi Siri Padaya(Sinhala name for Little Adamspeak). Do not confuse little adam’s peak with Adams peakwhich is located far way from Ella and way bigger than little Adam’s peak. Shape of the Little Adam’s Peak is similar to Adam’s peak. That’s  reason for naming this peak as Adam’s Peak. It is located 1141m above sea-level.However, the trekking starting point is also located at a comparatively high level. Therefore, hiking Little Adam’s Peak is not that hard. further, the path is easy and you will find multiple stairs on the way to the top.

If you wanna decide one between Liittele Adam’s Peak and Ella Rock remember that Ella rock is higher than Little Adam’s peak and the path is bit difficult.

When to visit Little Adams Peak.

There is no specific time in the year. Watching Sunrise/Sunset from top of Little Adam’s Peak is rewarding. Therefore, ideal time would be early in the morning or latter evening. If you start the trail at 5.00 AM , you will be able to reach the top by 6.00 AM.

Getting into Little Adam’s Peak.

First you need to get to Ella City. Please refer this link for instructions to get to Ella City. When you start the journey/trial from Ella city, you need to take a walk through Ella-Passara road. Once you complete about 5 minutes walk (1.5 KM) you may find Ella Flower Garden Resort. There you find a sign board directing to the little Adam’s Peak. Path to Little Adam’s peak is well marked with sign boards. You may also seek assistance from the travelers(both local and foreigners). You may also take a tuk tuk to the trail entry point instead of walking.

Apart for this main entrance point, there is a another entry point from 98 Acreas Resort and Spa . It is marked with a white budhdha statue.

What to expect in Little Adam’s Peak hike.

On the way to the peak you will see some tea estates, a village(mostly of the villagers are tea estate workers), a hindu temple/Kovil where religious music is played. If you are lucky you will be able to capture some photos of female estate workers who are plucking tea leaves. Ella Gap view is amazing and you see surrounded mountains from far distance.

At the peak you find multiple view points where you can take some memorable photos. Watching Bandarawela-Badulla road from the top will be a great experience.

Things to Carry:

Water Bottle, Snacks, Camera


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