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Relaxed Covid 19 health protocols for tourist visiting Sri Lanka

Sri lankan government authorities has decided to relax covid-19 guidelines for the tourist visiting Sri lanka.This is effective from 26th October 2021 and current guidelines are as follows.

  • Applies to International Tourists visiting Sri Lanka under tourist visa. No prior approval required from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Civil Aviation Authority.
  • There is no minimum duration of stay in Sri Lanka.
Traveler Category Description of the “Traveler Category” Protocol to be followed
Fully Vaccinated Travellers • Adult Travellers who have completed 14 days after the recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccination(Any vaccination type accepted by the country of origin will be accepted) and arriving with a negative COVID-19 PCR test report obtained within 72 hours of embarkation.
• Children-Children of 12-18 years, if depart two weeks after obtaining at least a single dose of Pfizer Vaccine.
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